Brenda Noffert, Associate Real Estate Broker in Wichita, Alliance

Brenda Noffert

Associate Real Estate Broker

BR00225375 KS



Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance
245 N. Waco Ave. Suite 160

Wichita, KS 67202
I have been helping Military personnel with their real estate needs since 1998. My father served our country and I honor his memory by offering the best of me (my knowledge, my representation, my experience and my honesty) to my servicemember clients. I moved to Derby, Kansas in 2006 from Detroit, Michigan. I know what it’s like to move across the country to a place you have never been! My experience makes me uniquely qualified to help military and relocation clients. I have a whole list of things I wish someone would have shared with me and questions that I wish I would have known to asked prior to moving here. Now that I am here, I love it! It is a wonderful community and a stable economy, and I love sharing everything I know about the area and with my clients. I am in the top 3% of agents in our Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Franchise world-wide and I am a full-time real estate professional. I am not a “salesperson”. I am a Consultant, I am an Advisor. My greatest joy treating my service member clients so well that in the end, they want to hug me (if they are “huggers” like me) and tell all of their friends about me. I have built my business on the “hugs” and my clients believing in me enough to tell others about me. It means everything to me. I believe deeply in the Real Estate industry. So much so, that I have served on the Board of Directors of our Realtor Association for 6 years, I teach other agents continuing education classes and Code of Ethics training locally and throughout the state, I teach the public how to get their real estate license and write instructional training for current real estate professionals. I want to be your agent. We are in this together. Give me a call today and let me help you make your move. Brenda 316-871-4586